discipled by jesus

Discipled By Jesus groups are extremely important to us as they continue to help us stay connected together and growing in our faith.

New Life Church is starting multiple groups (6-8 people) of our Discipled by Jesus groups. They will meet once a week and we will get serious about being discipled by Jesus.
We are offering them 2-3 different times during the week. (So if you can’t do Saturday mornings, you can do Wednesday nights, etc…) They will start as Zoom groups, but eventually we will make it available to do together in person.
They will be 60-90 minutes in length. This is not about someone pouring knowledge into your brains. It’s about training ourselves to talk with Jesus, get to know him and allow that practice to transform our lives to DO what he calls us to do and BE who he longs for us to be.
Sign up for a group by clicking the link