Prayer team

The Bridge

Possibly the most important team here at our church. Our prayer team in called "The Bridge." Our desire is to be the bridge of intercession for our people to God.  

Here is what we do as a prayer ministry.
- Twice a year we have a week of prayer for our church. This is a scheduled time where we call on the church to pray for our city, world, our church and community.

- Prayer team meets each Tuesday. Every Tuesday morning at 8:30 am we have a group of people that meet at the church and pray over all our prayer requests. Anyone is welcome to join us.

- We have a group of people who are a part of this team and receive prayer requests via email as those needs are made known.

There are many other ways that we live out being a praying church. Again, this is the foundation we stand on.

Meet our team

Sandy Casto

Get involved in the bridge

prayer week at new life

August 29 - September 2
During this week, we will gather to pray, equip your to pray at home, share requests together, pray for our neighbors, and much more. Be watching over the next few weeks on how you can be involved in this important week for our church.