Next steps

What are your FIRST STEPS here at New Life Church? We want to make it as simple as we can for you to connect here. Here are some easy steps for you to explore and get involved.

New here?

Welcome! We would love to meet you and introduce you to our team. If you have questions, our welcome center is available every Sunday morning just as you walk into the main foyer. You have a chance to fill out a 'Welcome Home' card so we can contact you about upcoming events, chances to be involved, and how to take your next step toward Christ.

dream team

This is our monthly meeting for all ministry leaders and volunteers. It is an opportunity for our teams to meet together, be in fellowship with one another and plan for the upcoming months. We will be having these meetings the first sunday of every month starting with our first one on June 2nd. If you are a part of a ministry or lead a ministry we really hope you come to these as they will be very important for us to move our ministries forward!

Life groups

Life groups meet throughout the week and are designed to give congregant members a chance to connect together, pray together, and grow in Christ. They are also designed to teach us and give us opportunity to ask questions and have discussions. They are essential to our faith journey as we were never meant to walk this walk of faith alone. we need one another. 
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connect with our ministries 

Here at New Life, we have many ministries that are open for you to be a part of. Connect to one or a few that fit best with your spiritual gifts and strengths. Click on a ministry you are interested in and would like to know more information about!

get involved

Find a place to serve! Everyone has gifts, strengths, and talents as a part of the body of Christ and we use these to serve the Kingdom. We have five core ways of serving; multiply, mission, reach, care, and teach. Find a place to serve and together we can help people take steps to new life in Christ.
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